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Cleft Palate Surgery: Preparing for your procedure at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Cleft palate is among the most common birth defects affecting children in North America. The incomplete formation of the roof of the mouth can occur individually, or in addition to cleft lip. Cleft…

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Hiatal Hernia - Full - Length Video

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Esophagectomy Support Group

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Preventing Dehydration

Click on the paper-clip icon or scroll down to download a printable handout about this topic.

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Bilateral Breast Reduction

This video has answers to questions about breast reduction video.

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Tracheostomy For the Head and Neck Cancer patient: What you Need to Know before going home

Click on the paperclip icon to download the reference guide. This video is intended for head and neck cancer patients who can provide their own care and are required to lavage their trach frequently…

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